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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ugh. Once Again.

So I enrolled in college. & since Ive had a slight mess up with the community college in my city I decided to attend one not that far away. It was a choice between a school 3 hours away or 1 hour. You would think I would naturally pick the 1 hour away school but the 3 hour away school had a better degree plan and was VERY distance education friendly.


It has been a month since school started & I STILL dont have my financial aid. I cant contact anyone & the book store even sent me the wrong book which means that if they dont fix it within the next couple of days I'll be dropped and I'll lose my $150 for the book (its non returnable even if they sent me the wrong one) PLUS my 30% of the tuition of the class because it already started. I'm doing horrible since I barely got my books in the 3rd week. I'm stressing. Are you?

I guess I should just try the 1 hour away school next semester & dang it that will be 4 colleges I've been too before I even have 12 credits! DONT MESS UP IN SCHOOL. I could be in college here where they also have a great program. but no. I messed up 48 hours of classes. Yes I said 48. I am ineligible to receive financial aid at that school.

Heres the thing though & I wish it mattered! The first semester I enrolled in 18 hours of class because under my degree plan it was mandatory. Right before school started they told me that I would NOT be getting financial aid & I'd be dropped from all classes. I was. But then miraculously I was re-added & no one told me. I got F's in ALL 6 classess instead of them just dropping me! I tried to explain it but no one understood what happened & figured if it was true the teachers would have dropped me. I never showed up for class why would they just give me an F?

So moving on I enrolled in classes again. And again 18 since it was mandatory. I was doing good, keeping up, learning, etc. Until I got sick. I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks and was housebound after that. I couldnt go to school & the last thing anyone was worried about was contacting my school or instructors. It was during mid terms so there was really no going back. I failed all but 1 which I got an I in but the teacher never told me what to turn in so it turned out to be an F.

Next semester I enrolled in 4 classes. 3 of those hours where mandatory orientation & 1 class was English II but since I never passed English I, I was dropped. I had to add English I again & by now it was a "three-peat" course so I had to pay extra tuition. Not expecting this they took it out of my financial aid and I only had enough money to buy 1 book at $250 ugh...... this was WAY before you could "rent" your text book :/ naturally I failed without being able to afford the books! I was a single 19 year old mom to a 2 year old! I got by but barely! The money I made was from selling home made items & Avon! Thats how I supported myself & that was no where enough to get my books. I asked for help. Did anyone tell me that I could get a loan? Nope, was I elligible for scholarships? Never because of the 1st semester that I didnt even go to! now here I am. Still cant pay for my books but more out of spite really. Wishing I knew more then so I could just go to this  school & considering going to a diff school next year. If you guys made it this far bless you :) lol


adrienne lee said...

WOW that is crazy! But I must say major kudos to you for continuing to try to get an education. So many people have and use poor excuses to not better themselves. Great job!

<3 adrienne

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