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Monday, September 26, 2011

Spoiled Wife :)

I know most ppl start a blog & they go on and on about their baby :)

Well mine's not a baby anymore so I cant do that! lol

My hobbies include facebook, networking, procrastinating (particularly home work and house work), giving into children, & probably yelling? Okay I yell sometimes! I'm finally going to admit it. *sigh* thats like a huge weight off my shoulder :) jk

But no yeah I really do yell sometimes. My daughter, who is 7, thinks she is now 17 and grown. Do you have one of those? Yes? I'm sorry! No? Lucky.

Is this the curse I get for being a terrible teenager? Probably? Great.


cathic said...

following you via GFC, please come by and follow me back:)



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