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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ugh. Once Again.

So I enrolled in college. & since Ive had a slight mess up with the community college in my city I decided to attend one not that far away. It was a choice between a school 3 hours away or 1 hour. You would think I would naturally pick the 1 hour away school but the 3 hour away school had a better degree plan and was VERY distance education friendly.


It has been a month since school started & I STILL dont have my financial aid. I cant contact anyone & the book store even sent me the wrong book which means that if they dont fix it within the next couple of days I'll be dropped and I'll lose my $150 for the book (its non returnable even if they sent me the wrong one) PLUS my 30% of the tuition of the class because it already started. I'm doing horrible since I barely got my books in the 3rd week. I'm stressing. Are you?

I guess I should just try the 1 hour away school next semester & dang it that will be 4 colleges I've been too before I even have 12 credits! DONT MESS UP IN SCHOOL. I could be in college here where they also have a great program. but no. I messed up 48 hours of classes. Yes I said 48. I am ineligible to receive financial aid at that school.

Heres the thing though & I wish it mattered! The first semester I enrolled in 18 hours of class because under my degree plan it was mandatory. Right before school started they told me that I would NOT be getting financial aid & I'd be dropped from all classes. I was. But then miraculously I was re-added & no one told me. I got F's in ALL 6 classess instead of them just dropping me! I tried to explain it but no one understood what happened & figured if it was true the teachers would have dropped me. I never showed up for class why would they just give me an F?

So moving on I enrolled in classes again. And again 18 since it was mandatory. I was doing good, keeping up, learning, etc. Until I got sick. I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks and was housebound after that. I couldnt go to school & the last thing anyone was worried about was contacting my school or instructors. It was during mid terms so there was really no going back. I failed all but 1 which I got an I in but the teacher never told me what to turn in so it turned out to be an F.

Next semester I enrolled in 4 classes. 3 of those hours where mandatory orientation & 1 class was English II but since I never passed English I, I was dropped. I had to add English I again & by now it was a "three-peat" course so I had to pay extra tuition. Not expecting this they took it out of my financial aid and I only had enough money to buy 1 book at $250 ugh...... this was WAY before you could "rent" your text book :/ naturally I failed without being able to afford the books! I was a single 19 year old mom to a 2 year old! I got by but barely! The money I made was from selling home made items & Avon! Thats how I supported myself & that was no where enough to get my books. I asked for help. Did anyone tell me that I could get a loan? Nope, was I elligible for scholarships? Never because of the 1st semester that I didnt even go to! now here I am. Still cant pay for my books but more out of spite really. Wishing I knew more then so I could just go to this  school & considering going to a diff school next year. If you guys made it this far bless you :) lol

Monday, September 26, 2011


Someone please help me try to get all the square things round on the page! I dont even know how to put it! Just make it round for me lol :)

Btw Im loving this template! <3

Spoiled Wife :)

I know most ppl start a blog & they go on and on about their baby :)

Well mine's not a baby anymore so I cant do that! lol

My hobbies include facebook, networking, procrastinating (particularly home work and house work), giving into children, & probably yelling? Okay I yell sometimes! I'm finally going to admit it. *sigh* thats like a huge weight off my shoulder :) jk

But no yeah I really do yell sometimes. My daughter, who is 7, thinks she is now 17 and grown. Do you have one of those? Yes? I'm sorry! No? Lucky.

Is this the curse I get for being a terrible teenager? Probably? Great.